Introducing ProVent Docs

Easily backup a wide variety of file types.

What is ProVent?

Discover the advantages of our management tool.

CCS Technologies Announces a New Location

Learn more about our new location in Allendale.

10 Gig is the New Gig

The Evolution of Network Performance.

Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 End of Life

Will you be prepared for 2020?

One Click From Disaster

Explore the Growing Cyber Threats and How to Stop Them.

Was I Just Hacked?

How safe is your Private Information?

2018 A Good Year?

Was 2018 a Good Year for CCS? Read and find out!


Compliance: To Be or Not To Be . . . there is no question! We explain.

Ad Blockers?

Should you use an Ad Blocker? Read our suggestions . . .

Windows 10 Woes

Windows 10 updates are here and they can cause problems with your computer. Let us help sort it out!

Proper Cable Management

It can become a jumbled mess with all the cables connecting you equipment. See our tips on keeping tidy!

Office365 Account Hacking

Check out our latest tips for helping to prevent hackers accessing your Office 365 email.

Russia is Targeting our Routers

Have us check your routers for you and recommend WiFi improvements!

Tips and Tricks Special

Google Chrome, Opera browser, and smartphones!

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom:

SSDs Bring Sports Car Performance to the Masses!

Intel Security Flaw

We give the lowdown on a recently discovered flaw in processors of many computers and devices.

Fake Tech Support Scams

Watch out for those pesky fake support pop-ups leading to scammers trying to swindle you out of money.

Websites infect computers and users help! / Intel security Vulnerabilities / Tax tips

OpenDNS and ProVent from CCS Technologies help protect you. Intel processor firmware may have a vulnerability that must be patched. Tax time is when you should decide to possibly spend year-end company moneys.

WPA2 is potentially vulnerable! What you need to know

The wireless encryption used for years has been cracked. Find out how it impacts you and the potential fixes.

The importance of security and software updates

Keeping your software up to date is important. Read more about the implications and what you can do!

Proper Passwords are a vital first step to keeping information safe / ProVent Anti-Virus

We discuss best practices for passwords. Do you know what they are? Maybe not, because they have changed recently!

The Many Shades of Malware

Ransomware, virus, trojans..oh my! We discuss the impact of malware and some tips you can do.

Exchange and Office End of Life: What you should know / Windows 10 Tips

Exchange 2007 and Office 2007 are reaching EOL! What are your options? Plus Windows 10 tips to help alleviate annoyances with Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Another Backup Concern

Backups..backups..backups. They are important but sometimes overlooked on the desktop. This month we discuss the importance of making sure important data on your desktops are backed up as well.

Keep the Bad Guys Out / Keep Your Cloud Data Safe!

We discuss the importance of locking down your Remote Desktop (it’s convenient for you, but is it convenient for crooks?). We also introduce some solutions to keeping your cloud data safe…using the cloud!

Do you have a Backup FOR your Cloud Data?

Many people are comfortable with the idea of backing up to the Cloud. Storing business data and personal pictures in private online accounts makes a lot of sense. But have you thought of the importance of making sure your Cloud data is backed up in case something goes awry?

Even MORE Reasons to Switch to our ProVent Security Suite

ProVent is a multi-tool for your business that cuts down viruses and the expenses associated with removing them. It’s the tool to help our techs provide you with faster and more efficient support. It’s basically an IT department disguised as software…without the W-2. Read on to learn about this incredible tool that helps you manage and track issues before they affect your computer!

Latest Security News: Vista End of Life / Local DVRs and Cameras are getting hacked

Windows Vista has been around for about 10 years and officially reaches its End of Life on April 11, 2017. In unrelated news, millions of Network Attached smart devices were hijacked by using the default password and then used to attack Dyn (one of the world’s largest Internet infrastructure companies) taking out Amazon, Twitter, Netflix and others.

2017: What to Expect

We discuss the importance of locking down your Remote Desktop (it’s convenient for you, but is it convenient for crooks?). We also introduce some solutions to keeping your cloud data safe…using the cloud!What trends, will you see for this coming year? Where is Information Technology headed? Let’s dust off the CCS Technologies Crystal Ball.