ProVent 360

What is ProVent 360?

ProVent is the CCS Remote Management tool that provides the following four elements:

  1. Remote Management
    The Remote Management Tool (RMM) is the foundation of the ProVent software. It allows us to audit your computer’s hardware or software. If you needed to know what software was installed on an individual’s PC, we can tell you. If you wanted to know which PC’s are due for replacement based on system specs and age, we can do that too. The tool alerts us to when a hard drive might be going out or filling up, which saves you time and money. It is a lot easier and cheaper to replace a PC before it dies! The RMM tool allows us to quickly remote into the computer when needed to fix minor issues rather than having a tech come onsite. 
  2. Antivirus Protection
    The Antivirus module of ProVent is based on BitDefender. This antivirus engine is considered one of the top 5 best AV programs for businesses year after year. It’s lightweight and powerful. It would replace the current Antivirus program on all your systems. No more annual renewals for antivirus, it’s included! 
  3. Content Filtering
    The Content Filter module is one of the most important aspects of the software suite. It can block a user before he/she accidentally infects your network by clicking on a link and allowing the virus to circumvent your antivirus and firewall security. Today, this is the most common way of infecting a network. Furthermore, it can block sites like porn or social sites if needed. Users can be broken into groups and if you want, policies can be enabled or disabled based on day or time (like lunch). 
  4. Patch Management
    The Patch Management allows us to monitor, push, and pull Windows and third-party updates as needed and recommended. Automatic updates simply don’t work, and more importantly with this software, we can stop problematic updates before they take you down.