Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Some of our technicians have been with the company for over 20 years. That says two things. It means they enjoy working with a company that treats its employees well. Secondly, it means that our clients receive service from technicians with years of experience in their field and more importantly, know their client's specific equipment. At CCS Technologies we believe in forging those long and caring relationships. That's why our employees, and customers, stay with us so long and it's also why we encourage certification, experience and above all else: customer service skills. Once you get to know a CCS technician, you'll understand what we mean by "Personal Service.".

Greg Slater

Greg Slater - gslater@ccstech.net


As one of the founders in 1976, Greg has been involved with many different technologies over the past 37 years.  IT looks very different today with all the mobility than it did in 1976.  The IT roots came from the paper tape, punch cards, mainframes, CP/M machines, then all the PC’s we saw in the 80’s to the servers/networking in the 90’s and all the internet expansion in the first decade of 2000!  We still enjoy change and especially the continual learning along the way.  Our focus still remains on keeping you operational.  Greg’s favorite IT advice since 1976: “You can never have enough backups” and this applies even more in today’s IT world.


Ryan McMillen

Ryan McMillen - rmcmillen@ccstech.net

Lead Technician - Employed since 2000
Specializations: Appriver Services, Websites, Customer Support

Ryan began his technology career in the US Navy repairing RADAR for F/A-18 fighter jets. After working for Unisys as a Field Engineer, he started working at CCS Technologies in 2000. He gained certifications as a Lexmark printer technician, Hellermann Tyton certified network cabling technician and A+ PC technician. He currently is the go-to tech for issues related to Appriver Spam and E-Mail services, Webhosting, website design and serves as our lead technician and sales representative. In his off time, Ryan enjoys watching the Indianapolis Colts, making beer and playing with his Australian Shepherd. He is married with two children.

A+ Certification Sonicwall Security Administrator Hellermann Tyton certified



Jeff Verry

Jeff Verry - jverry@ccstech.net

Technician / Sales - Employed since 2006
Specializations: Technical Sales, Enterprise software and project management, Windows and Mac desktop support

Jeff joined the company in the summer of 2006 and has worked in a variety of capacities including ERP/CRM software implementation and custom programming. While consulting in California, he was instrumental in rebuilding a tech support department at a graduate school help desk using the CCS Technologies model: “Local Support, Personal Service!”



Joe Halstead

Joe Halstead - jhalstead@ccstech.net

Technician - Employed since 2014
Specializations: Office 365 migrations, cloud specialist, inflection removal, surveillance systems, e-commerce, WordPress, and Windows support.

Joe became interested in technology at a young age and enjoyed disassembling broken electronics. In the 90s he was fascinated by bulletin board systems that would allow him to download software and data from other users. He would purchase domains from his local telephone company and create websites using Netscape Composer.  Later in life he would start his own IT company named Logical PC Solutions which eventually became part of CCS.

Oracle CertificationA+ Certification




Jorge AriasJorge Arias - jarias@ccstech.net

Technician - Employed since 2011
Specializations: Infection Removal, iPhone/iPad Training, Bench Technician

Originally from Chicago and moved up to this great state in 2004. Attended Grand Valley State University then transferred to Baker College. Finished Associates and Bachelor’s degrees at Baker. Enjoys working on cars but not as much as computers.




Karen StricklandKaren Strickland - kstrickland@ccstech.net

Technician - Employed since 1987
Specializations: Microsoft Licensing, Microsoft Servers, Custom Programming

Karen started at CCS Technologies in 1987 as our in-house programmer after earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Grand Valley State University in Information Systems. She has been with us through our transition from a data processing company to a West Michigan leader in technology sales and service.  She initially gained her Windows Server MCP certification in 2001 and has been our go-to tech for Microsoft servers and licensing ever since.  She has experience installing a number of the commonly used accounting packages including Quickbooks and Peachtree.  When she is not working, Karen likes to travel, read, cook and make hand-made greeting cards.

Microsoft Certified Professional



Drew RoweDrew Rowe - drowe@ccstech.net

Technician - Employed since 2012
Specializations: Infection Removal, Hardware Troubleshooting, Bench Technician

Drew started working for CCS Technologies in November of 2012 right after he graduated from Baker College. He has lived in the Grand Haven area his whole life. He attended a two year PC and Networking Technology class at the Careerline Tech Center in Holland and then went to Baker College in Muskegon where he earned his associate and bachelor degrees in Information Technology and Security with a 3.92 GPA. His father and brother are responsible for getting him interested in technology at young age. He has been the go to tech guy for his friends and family for several years. He enjoys the challenge of solving other people’s computer problems as well as learning about new technologies and what they can do to make people’s lives easier. When he is not at work he enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy novels, computer games, and tinkering with new technology.



Mark Kowitz - mkowitz@ccstech.net

Technician - Employed since 2014
Specializations: Infection Removal, Hardware Troubleshooting, Bench Technician, Linux

Mark has been working in technology since graduating tech school.  From there he was chief engineer at an area radio station. Moving up to television, he was the only one in the Engineering department to answer "yes" to the question: "Anyone interested in computers?" This was in the 90's when the station just started using Windows PCs in the newsroom, with a SCO Unix server. From there he moved to being the Information Systems Manager at a local City Government office. More positions in various companies in computer departments, and now a technician at CCS Technologies. When not at work, he spends time with his best friend, a Rottweiler named Buster, seeing what he can do with his Linux computers, working on or riding his motorcycle, in the garden, growing vegetables, or in the kitchen cooking and eating them.


Eric RuzekEric Ruzek - eruzek@ccstech.net

Technician - Employed since 2016
Specializations: Infection Removal, Hardware Troubleshooting, Bench Technician, Linux

Eric has always had a love for technology and tinkering with it. Taking apart electronics at a young age to “fix” them while learning their inner workings which led to getting his first Commodore 64 and exploring the world of computers. He turned that passion for technology into a career doing the thing he loves. During the off hours, he enjoys spending time with his family, creating delicious meals, and enjoying the outdoors.

A+ Certification