Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Downloads and Links

These are the tools that most people need on their PC's in order to conduct day-to-day activities. If you are at all unsure how to install these, CCS recommends calling a technician and having that tech assist you. Have a utility you think would be an important addition to the site? Contact us by clicking here.

Critical Updates:

The following sites will take you to downloads that will help keep your computer up to date.

Microsoft Updates


Acrobat Reader

Flash Player

Protection and Cleanup tools:

Microsoft Security Essentials





Web Browsers:

Internet Explorer




Phone and Tablet Applications:

Android Marketplace

Apple App Store

Tech Articles, Reviews, and downloads:

Major Geeks

Tom's Hardware




Top Ten Favorite Sites:

• Intellicast Weather- One of the best sites on the web for in-depth radar coverage and specific weather information for your location. 
• Youtube- The best place to find videos of just about anything including commercials, skits and user-made movies. 
• Hulu - Free High Definition movies and television shows direct to your broadband-enabled PC 
• Everything Michigan- Like the name says...links to everything you might need to know about the state we live in. 
• Snopes - Find out if it's fact or fiction! Verify with Snopes BEFORE you forward that e-mail to friends and family. 
• Google Earth - Unbelievable mapping capability, overlays and very sharp satellite images of just about anywhere 
• Swish- Affordable alternative to Adobe flash. Easier to use and cheaper to purchase. 
• Wikipedia - Today's version of the encyclopedia. Contains an unbelievable amount of information.
• Live Search maps - Another great place to get information about places and obtain high-res photos from the air. 
• C|Net- Find reviews and stories about today's technical products and services. Updated often.