Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Peace of Mind for your Business

Knowing that you don't have to worry about critical aspects of your network such as tape backups, AntiVirus updates and security. Peace of mind is not worrying about hiring IT staff to appraise you of new developments in technology and determining your goals. Peace of Mind is the name of a program CCS offers to small and medium businesses that puts control back into the hands of business owners who don't want to be network administrators.

And with programs like our ARIES monitoring software keeping track of what you have and who's installing what, you can get back to the more important details of running your business. CCS offers help desk support and discounted hourly rates. We also schedule annual appointments to assess your current needs and clean your equipment. Everything you need to inexpensively run and maintain your network rolled up into one package. If you'd like to get back to running your business and you want to quit obsessing about whether you have kept up with your technology needs, contact us at info@ccstech.net to find out more and to schedule your free initial consultation!

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Peace of Mind