Tuesday, August 14, 2018


OpenDNSUmbrellaYour security is delivered at the DNS layer, using the Internet's existing infrastructure. In seconds, your Internet activity can be accessed and targeted attacks can be instantly identified. OpenDNS stays ahead of attacks by leveraging up-to-the-minute analysis. Get all of this by contacting CCS Technologies. We will use OpenDNS to help protect your connected computers--no hardware to install, no software to maintain, nothing for you to do, but rest assured your PCs are more secured from online threats!

OpenDNS Coverage:


Twenty-five geographically distributed DNS servers enforce security policies, and provide the fastest, most reliable resolution for over 65 million users in over 160 countries daily.

OpenDNS Protection:

Keeps malware from compromising your systems. Stops botnets from exfiltrating your data. Prevents fraudulent sites from phishing your employees.

OpenDNS Performance:

100% uptime because of global failover. By announcing one IP address for hundreds of DNS resolvers across all data center locations, if any go offline there are no disruptions, as requests are transparently routed to the next best location.Faster service because OpenDNS servers are located at Internet Exchange Points—where all Internet traffic passes. OpenDNS establishes relationships with thousands of the world’s largest ISPs to shorten the path between their network and the entire Internet.

OpenDNS Intelligence:

Exceptional visibility into global Internet activity, and custom data analysis systems enable extraction of vital information about emergent threats.

OpenDNS Amplify:

Public (open) DNS servers are being increasingly abused to amplify Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. OpenDNS outlines the exact domains used in these attacks, how long the attack lasted, who the intended victims were and the intended size of the attack.

Cryptolocker (Ransomware): Containment is the new Prevention!

How does OpenDNS stop this latest malware threat? Preventing infections is ideal, however no anti-virus program can achieve 100% prevention. The delivery (e.g. email) and infection (e.g. executable) are just the first few steps of Cryptolocker's multi-stage cyber-attack.  OpenDNS blocks ransomware's ability to "phone home" to botnets which causes the virus to remain dormant!