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February 2015 Newsletter

Windows 10 Woes

Windows 10 updates are here and they can cause problems with your computer. Let us help sort it out!

February 2015 Newsletter

Proper Cable Management

It can become a jumbled mess with all the cables connecting you equipment. See our tips on keeping tidy!

February 2015 Newsletter

Office 365 Email Hacking

Check out our latest tips for helping to prevent hackers accessing your Office 365 email.

February 2015 Newsletter

Russia is Targeting our Routers

Have us check your routers for you and recommend Wifi improvements!

February 2015 Newsletter

Tips and Tricks special!

Google Chrome, Opera browser, and smartphones!

February 2015 Newsletter

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom: SSDs Bring Sports Car Performance to the Masses!

Looking for a nice boost to your computers peformance? SSDs might be the answer!

February 2015 Newsletter

Intel Security Flaw

We give the lowdown on a recently discovered flaw in processors of many computers and devices.

February 2015 Newsletter

Fake tech support scams

Watch out for those pesky fake support pop-ups leading to scammers trying to swindle you out of money.

February 2015 Newsletter

Infections through web browsers, Intel security, and more.

We are looking at how pop-ups in browsers can be bad. Also a security problem with Intel and tax tips for the end of the year.

February 2015 Newsletter

WPA2 is potentially vulnerable! What you need to know.

The wireless encryption used for years has been cracked. Find out how it impacts you and the potential fixes.

February 2015 Newsletter

The importance of security and software updates

Keeping your software up to date is important. Read more about the implications and what you can do!

February 2015 Newsletter

Proper passwords are a vital first step to keeping information safe / ProVent Anti-Virus

We will discuss best practices for passwords. Do you know what they are? Maybe not, because they have changed recently!

February 2015 Newsletter

The many shades of malware

Ransomware, virus, trojans..oh my! We discuss the impact of malware and some tips you can do.

February 2015 Newsletter

Exchange and Office End of Life: What you should know / Windows 10 Tips

Exchange 2007 and Office 2007 are reaching EOL! What are your options? Windows 10 tips to help alleviate annoyances with Microsoft's latest operating system.

February 2015 Newsletter

Another Backup Concern

Backups..backups..backups. They are important but sometimes overlooked on the desktop. This month we discuss the importance of making sure important data on your desktops are backed up as well.

February 2015 Newsletter

Keep the Bad Guys Out / Keep Your Cloud Data Safe!

This month we discuss the importance of locking down your Remote Desktop (it's convenient for you, but is it convenient for crooks?).  We also introduce some solutions to keeping your cloud data safe...using the cloud!

February 2015 Newsletter

Do you have a backup FOR your Cloud data?

Many people are comfortable with the idea of backing up to the Cloud. Storing business data and personal pictures in private online accounts makes a lot of sense. But have you thought of the importance of making sure your Cloud data is backed up in case something goes awry? Please carefully read on for more information about this timely topic.

February 2015 Newsletter

Even MORE reasons to switch to our ProVent Security Suite

ProVent is a multi-tool for your business that cuts down viruses and the expenses associated with removing them. It’s the tool to help our techs provide you with faster and more efficient support. It’s basically an IT department disguised as software…without the W-2. Read on to learn about this incredible tool that helps you manage and track issues before they affect your computer or give us a call to find out how you can get these benefits for low monthly fee and no contract!

February 2015 Newsletter

Latest security news: Vista reaches End of Life / Local DVRs and camera are getting hacked

Windows Vista has been around for about 10 years and officially reaches its End of Life on April 11, 2017.  In unrelated news, millions of Network Attached smart devices were hijacked by using the default password and then used to attack Dyn (one of the world’s largest Internet infrastructure companies) taking out Amazon, Twitter, Netflix and others. Read on to find out more about these two specific security issues.

February 2015 Newsletter

2017: What to Expect

What trends, will you see for this coming year? Where is Information Technology headed? Let's dust off the CCS Technologies Crystal Ball.

February 2015 Newsletter

Winds are Blowing: The Only Constant is Change

This article describes changes and updates for three products: Avast for Business, SharePoint and Office 365. We've been helping customers work with software vendors for 40 years and one thing has remained constant in technology: change. Read on to see how these may affect you and your business.

February 2015 Newsletter

If You Have a Business, Do You Have Business-Class E-mail?

Does your "free" email protect you against viruses? Spam? Can your employees remain productive on multiple devices? Read more to find out what hosted Exchange from AppRiver can do for your company.

February 2015 Newsletter

40 Years of Computer History

It seems like 1976 was just yesterday. In four decades we've gone from punch cards to flash drives, from dial-up modems to wifi enabled smartphones. One thing has remained constant, CCS Technologies' commitment to local support and personal service. Thank you for allowing us to be your IT solution provider and we hope to be there for you for 40 more years!

February 2015 Newsletter

An Ounce of Prevention...

Concerned about security? Would you like the convenience of managing multiple computers on your network while knowing the overall condition of all your computers and servers at any given time? If the answer is yes to any of these wait til you meet ProVent, our newest product!

February 2015 Newsletter

Microsoft Security Essentials - Essentially Useless

For years, CCS Technologies has recommended Microsoft Security Essentials for individual PC protection, if a current subscription with another antivirus product was not available. There have been reports that some with Microsoft themselves now say that its own product does not work any longer. Read on to see how you can stay protected and up to date.

February 2015 Newsletter

Peeling away the layers of Protection

Firewall? Antivirus? Anything else? Security for your organization can be broken down into four layers. Each of these layers is not foolproof in and of itself, but when properly implemented together, it is an effective strategy.

February 2015 Newsletter

Keeping your "stuff" safe!

You lock up your house when you’re away; you take your keys with you after parking your car; you may even have a home security alarm system.  You do this to protect your “stuff”, whatever valuables you have. What about your computer/network? You have valuable “stuff” there, too!

February 2015 Newsletter

Yes, Updates. We Have to Talk About Updates

Why does it seem like we’re always talking about keeping your systems up to date? The reason is quite simple, we see people and businesses getting hurt and want to help prevent further harm.

February 2015 Newsletter

Windows Vista: End of Life

Windows Vista was released in early 2007 and is known as one of Microsoft’s least successful and least used operating systems. That being said, Vista is still being used on large number of computers around the world and CCS Technologies has some important news for anyone using it. On April 11, 2017 Windows Vista will reach its End of Life. Read on to learn what this means for you and your computer.

February 2015 Newsletter

Hack the User: Don't be the Next Victim

The truth is that we live in a world that has become increasingly connected. This brings convenience. (Yay, my car can play music from my phone!) This also brings real risk. (Yes, someone learned how to hack the controls of a Jeep, forcing Chrysler to recall 1.4 million vehicles. Not good.) One aspect of hacking that has remained steady since the beginning of hacking is that criminals will always exploit the most vulnerable part of the system. Read on for tips on how to stay safe out there!

February 2015 Newsletter

Three Cool Things about Windows 10

So you upgraded to Windows 10 and you are wondering how it’s different from Windows 7 or 8. Let me give you a quick breakdown of some of the differences and how we got to Windows 10 in the first place.

February 2015 Newsletter

A New Lease on Life!

Are you one of those businesses that enjoy making New Year’s resolutions? Let’s try this one: “We will invest in some protection for our company against a catastrophic data event like the theft of a server or a fire in the building.” Read on to see what kind of affordable technology you might employ this year.

February 2015 Newsletter

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Merry Christmas! The holiday season is upon us which brings us joy, peace, happiness, and hacking, malicious web links and online scams. Read how to keep yourself safe this year!

February 2015 Newsletter

We will use the word "free" 4 times in this article!

Right now CCS Technologies is offering to test your current backup solution by restoring a file from your backups. This will help give you some peace of mind about your data and your business. The best part about this backup restore test is that it is completely free.

February 2015 Newsletter

Old firewalls - Are You Getting the Speed You are Paying For?

Firewalls are not the same as a router, and a router is not the same as a firewall. We get asked question about this all the time. Here are the simple facts.

February 2015 Newsletter

Yes! The Red 'X' is Important!  Keeping Your Anti-Virus up to Date and Other Important Tips!

Just like last year’s flu shot does almost nothing except leave you with a hole in your arm, out of date security software could be like having no security at all against current attacks. Your antivirus program is only as good as its last update. Stay informed and stay safe with the following tips from your friendly  neighborhood technology company!

February 2015 Newsletter

Under the Umbrella: Beating the Bad Guys Before They Even Get to You

CCS Technologies now has a new cutting-edge tool to add to our (and your) arsenal called OpenDNS Umbrella. This service effectively predicts and prevents attacks before they even get to your network or on your computer.

February 2015 Newsletter

Stay Alive: Strive for Five

Would you like to learn how to protect your network from hackers, viruses and even your own employees? How about finding out if you really are covered in the event of a catastrophic emergency? What if you could learn all this and not have to pay for it?

February 2015 Newsletter

Server 2003...Last Call

Microsoft will be dropping support for the Windows Server 2003 product line on July 14, 2015.  On that day, Microsoft will be removing support for Server 2003 and those servers will no longer receive updates. Call CCS Technologies now and let us help you through this transition so your business continues to operate smoothly.

February 2015 Newsletter

Keep an Eye on Your Business! Surveillance Cameras Now Within Reach

Adding a surveillance system for any size business can feel daunting and financially out of reach.  If you are looking to monitor multiple locations without spending a fortune, we can help.

February 2015 Newsletter

Free Stuff on the Internet!!!

We all know “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”  That is mostly true as far as getting “free” utilities or other such software on the Internet..

February 2015 Newsletter

The time to upgrade your 2003 Server is now… because Microsoft is forcing you to.

July 14, 2015 is an important date for any business that has a Windows 2003 Server. On that day, Microsoft will be removing support for that product and those servers will no longer receive updates.

February 2015 Newsletter

Cryptowall Takes Aim at Business Data

We wanted you to understand just exactly how simple it is for a hacker to trick one of your users into downloading this virus and how simple it is to protect your files from this attack.

December 2014 NewsletterWhats is Your New Year's Resolution?

2015. This will be the year. I can feel it already. Get in shape.  Learn that foreign language. Tis the season… to make resolutions.  Here are some of our top suggestions for making the new year a bright and prosperous one when it comes to your computer and your critical business data!

December 2014 NewsletterBLACKMAIL - Pure and simple

There’s a new virus going around known by several names: CryptoWall, CryptoLocker, etc. Whatever it’s called, it means only one thing to your business – DANGER!

October 2014 NewsletterMicrosoft Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life!

Didn’t we just go through this?! Last Spring users lost support for Windows XP which is a workstation operating system. Now Microsoft has scheduled to end support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015.

October 2014 NewsletterTrick or Treat? Don't fall victim to a scam!

It happens all the time: You’re peacefully browsing the web, checking your email or trying to get some work finished… when out of nowhere something strange happens with the PC! Is it something normal that you’ve just never witnessed?

September 2014 NewsletterOne Tech's Reflection: Why CCS?

This is the kind of phone call I like to make. Recently we were asked to perform one of our free initial business network consultations and we found ourselves
looking at an outdated server on its last leg.

August 2014 NewsletterSome of our Favorite Apps!

Our technicians compile a short list of neat and inexpensive website services we think our customers might like to try!

CryptoLocker... are you prepared?

In today’s business world, the most important asset a company has is its data. Criminals looking to profit through cybercrime have not let this go unnoticed.

June 2014 NewsletterI Still Have XP: Now What?!

April 8, 2014. A day that will live in infamy. Ok, perhaps not, but we have already been seeing tangible effects of 30% of the world’s PCs not getting security updates. A few of our customers are reporting that their XP computers are simply bogging down and becoming unusable.

May 2014 NewsletterChange your passwords! Change your passwords!

Like the street heralds of old shouting the local news so all could hear, we have heard “change your passwords” many times in the last month due to the now infamous “Heartbleed bug” vulnerability that has been recently reported.

April 2014 NewsletterUp in the Clouds

Hopefully you are backing up your PCs and Macs so you don’t lose any of your irreplaceable data. Likewise with the power and functionality of today’s modern smartphones, you must make sure to back up these devices as well.

March 2014 NewsletterOne Month to Go!

“What is the best approach, replace a Windows XP computer or upgrade it?” This is actually pretty simple to answer. Assuming your computer is more than 3-4 years old, it is almost invariably a better idea to replace it and here’s why.

February 2014 NewsletterWindows XP End of Life Warning

On April 8, 2014 Windows will no longer receive updates via Microsoft and this could put your network at risk. Before that happens, here are some things you can do to prepare for the upcoming changes.

January 2014 Newsletter1oz. of Prevention > 1lb of Cure

A backup system is only as good as its last restore. You do not want the first time you try to get a file back to be when you are looking at a lifeless brick that used to be your computer. You want to have done it a couple of times before.

December 2013 NewsletterOh Humbug! They Stole My Password?!

We strongly recommend that you change the passwords to your social media and web email accounts as a precaution as soon as you can. Great, here comes the question, change it to what? What follows is a spirited discussion between two of our techs on exactly that.

November 2013 newsletterThe USER is Now Under Attack!

Someone calls you and says they are a Microsoft support technician. They tell you Microsoft has been receiving some error messages from your computer and they would like you to assist them in the troubleshooting and repair of the problem causing these errors.

October 2013 NewsletterUpdates Updates Updates!

What can you do to make your computer more secure? Jeff Verry discusses best practices to protect you and your data. Also, Gary Slager retires!

September 2013 NewsletterHow to Protect Your Computer from Hackers and Malware -
Part 2

Another important part of protecting your computer and information is using strong and UNIQUE passwords. A strong password has several characteristics

August 2013 NewsletterHow to Protect Your Computer from Hackers and Malware -
Part 1

In today's world computers permeate almost every facet of our lives. it seems just about everything we do requires the use of computers in some way, shape or form.

July 2013 NewsletterA Successful Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening

About 40 were in attendance for our ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, June 25th as we celebrated the Grand Opening of our third location in West Michigan: Hudsonville!

June 2013 newsletterTips and Traps - Computer Add-On Programs

At CCS Technologies our stores have busy Computer Repair Centers. Every day we have customers bringing in computers for repair that have slowed down and some will not even start up. Many of those come to us with malicious software installed.

May 2013 newsletterIt's Time to Move On from Exchange 2003

If you are hosting your own email using Exchange Server 2003 (whether as a stand alone server or as part of Small Business Server 2003), it is time to move on. This is for a number of reasons, with the most
pressing one being that the new Microsoft Outlook 2013 email client (part of the Office suite) is not compatible with Exchange 2003.

April 2013 NewsletterSpring 2013: Don't Get Caught Without Protection!

As we remind our customers every year, taking the concept of Spring Cleaning and applying it to your IT tasks, assets and procedures is a good idea. The biggest threat you will encounter this Spring is weather related. Also: FREE Recycling of your electronic equipment April 26-28!

Old Firewalls – Are you getting the speed you are paying for?