Tuesday, August 14, 2018

PC Repair Centers

LaCrescent Bench With four convenient locations, if you have an issue and need help fast, there is a good chance that we have a Repair Center right nearby. Your computer will get the very best of care, locally, by a technician you can personally talk to. We have four PC repair centers located in Grand Haven, Coopersville and Hudsonville, Michigan, and our new location in LaCrescent, Minnesota. This provides us a secure way of diagnosing computer issues quickly, large capacity to enable full retention and backups of customer data and a speedy network to run our suite of tools - all designed to make efficient work of your computer issue. Whether it is hardware related, virus/malware, or simple user error, our benches provide an efficient way to diagnose your system. Turnaround time is measured in hours or a few days, not weeks. Our equipment allows us to work on several computers at the same time, allowing us to perform repairs rapidly.

PC Repair work at any of our locations starts at $85/hour. All time is billed in 6 minute increments -- not rounded up to the next hour!

Services that can be accomplished on our benches include:

Malware / Virus Removal
Hard Drive replacement
Copying or backing up critical data
Installing network adapters, modems and video cards
Updating systems firmware, Windows updates or application updates
Prepping systems for network integration
Network troubleshooting
Remote Support
Complete Laptop Repair including screen replacement and so much more!

Give us a try!  Find out why so many individuals and business customers in the Midwest continue to rely on CCS Technologies to repair their Desktops, Laptops and Servers!